Tooo Much Wine

So Field Trip #2 consisted of two wine tours… meaning this is me, bread and cheese, salad, vegetable soup, truffle lasagna, 14 glasses of wine, and the girl next to me on the bus throwing up, later!

That’s right 14!

That’s also right, the world apparently is seeking revenge by causing people to vomit around me.

So the morning started out meeting at the train station at 8 am. aka, kill me now.

Anyhow, we got to the first vineyard and started with 4 glasses of wine served with bread and cheese. I could seriously eat the cheese endlessly, I mean being endlessly constipated might be totally worth it! Of course prior they had given us all the history of the vineyard and gave us a walk around.

It was breathtaking.

They took us into a barn with a bunch of cows and everyone was oddly obsessed with these cows. When the tour guide asked if I liked the cows I couldn’t help but saying “I grew up next door to a farm, I can smell cow shit at home!” She, of course, died laughing because, let’s face it, I’m just that funny. (Thanks, Mom)

We then took a bus to this cute little town where we ate the best gelato in the world! (No seriously, it was an award winning shop!) They had a torture museum and I seriously wanted to go but after gelato, I didn’t have time which was pretty depressing.

We then went to our second winery which was freezing cold but especially charming. The family was hilarious and so beautiful. I guess one of the brothers had met an American girl who was also on the wine tour last year, and now they date and he comes to the states pretty often to visit her.

We were taught how to hold, swirl, smell, and taste wine. It was an incredible experience that honestly didn’t make it taste much different, but whatever.

I was promised that morning that by the end of the tour I would indeed love red wine. I probably tried at least 10.

10 red wines. 3 white. 1 dessert.

Conclusion, I still don’t like red wine, I love dessert wine, and I still hate vomit.

Until next time,


See you soon,