The Little People Matter

Some of the people who came into my life for a split second have made the biggest impact.

Some of the people I’ve known my entire life have made the smallest impact.

And yet every single one of them helped determine the person I have become.

To the girls who are fearless enough to wear crop tops and dance on tables at parties no matter how big or small you are. You remind me that it is okay to lose all the care in the world for a second to “dance it out” to the fullest.

To the people I see in the library, literally, every time I walk in… you’ve taught me, not only that, yes, grades are important, but that laughing until you cry with your best friends at 5 am is just as important. Drunken nights in college do not happen in the library, and if yours did… props to you!

The people I went to high school with… it was a long time coming, but I was tired of seeing everyone’s faces. (No Offense!) This taught me that even if someone’s face makes you sick to your stomach there is a chance you will miss it later.

BFF’s forever… I’ve learned that best friends are not always forever. Sometimes a person is put in your life for a short time to ensure that you don’t come crashing down or even to help you rise above. The times I’ve spent with all of my best friends are memories and experiences that are more than I could ask for and will never be forgotten.

To the boy’s I’ve loved… I think it might be the most shocking thing to look back at the best times and look at where we are now. Riding Ferris wheels and eating caramel apples to not even speaking at all. You’ve taught me that forever is never. As harsh as it seems, it’s almost relieving that nothing is permanent. Not even a tattoo.

My family… You taught me to brush it off. Sometimes you have to let even the worst mistakes and betrayal go because forgiving and forgetting can be sweeter than revenge.

And finally, my sorority sisters… I’ve learned that sometimes it’s okay to put all of your business out there because you need 200 people to hold you while you completely fall apart and tell you “it’s fine” because it always is…

People Matter, whether it’s for a reason, a season, or a lifetime!

See you soon,

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