That 3 Year Summer Romance

Summer Romances are full of so many things.

The excitement of sneaking out in the middle of the night. The excitement of sneaking around; Pretending like no one knows the relationship you have. Sex in weird places and conversations in bed. Spending dusk until dawn together and sleeping all day. Shrugging your shoulders because you’ve lost all common sense of priorities. Creating a relationship that no one can agree is a relationship. Feeling that this thing that is going on is going to last forever.

When making out gives you butterflies and spooning give’s comfort. Sleepovers become normal and kiss’s goodbye turn habit. Sex turns into love and love turns into protection.

Protection that keeps you alone. Like a bubble has formed and the entire world has stopped. Just you and them, Untouchable.

Before you know it you’ve fallen in the most inappropriate, unconventional, inconvenient, unintentional kind of love.

The kind of love that changes you, for the better, and the worst.

The kind of love that makes you realize things you never would have otherwise.

The kind of love that makes it impossible to leave each other alone. Even when it’s necessary.

The kind of love that makes you second guess things you’ve known all along.

The kind that ruins everything.

The kind that lasts 3 years.

Forever Summer Love.


See you soon,