On the way…

Honestly, I’m not sure how I didn’t lose it on my way here.

The Flight

I usually fly American Airlines because it’s what I’m most familiar with! However, my experience with them keeps getting shittier. One thing I will admit is that they never leave me hanging.

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My Take On: Miami, Florida

Whoever said New York City never sleeps has clearly never been to Miami.
Like most suburbs, Miami’s includes old people retiring, picking oranges, and keeping their yards picturesque all year round. If you’re looking for a quiet vacation time and a short walk to the beach, I suggest Hollywood. However, inside the city it is none.
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Italy: Day 1

So day one got a little bit out of hand, but what can I say?

After arriving in Florence, from the airport, I was taxied to my apartment. My apartment lives in the center of Florence where no cars are legally allowed to drive, but I’m slowly learning that these Italians are crazy.

Outside is a leather market, that I have to admit is super annoying because No I don’t want to buy a leather jacket today, and yes I already know I’m attractive!

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