Stay Beautiful


As I sit here at a dance competition, it brings back so many memories. Of when I danced, and the life I lived.

So busy, So chaotic, So dramatic, So colorful, So glittery, So glamorous, So skinny.

As I sit here at a dance competition, I imagine the life these girls live and I imagine how many people might tell them they are too ugly or too fat to do what they want, to be who they want, to dance….

In the 10th grade, my relay team set a record. In the 10th grade. My track coach told me if I wanted to be any good I needed to lose weight, to be skinny, to not be me….

The thing about me is my body doesn’t do skinny. I had boobs before everyone else and I had a booty before everyone else. The lips of Angelina Jolie and the skin tone of Beyonce. And my entire life I had no idea that I was #blessed!


Everyone is blessed to be themselves. So I guess the message of this post is never let anyone tell you that you can’t be yourself; that who you are isn’t good enough. You are ALWAYS good enough and always beautiful.

Whether someone says you are too loud, or too quiet, too fat, too skinny, too smart, too dumb, too blonde, too brunette…. too you.. Tell them to shut up and go to Hell because you are just as beautiful as the next person. And whether you want to be a 300lb ballerina or an 8lb linebacker, “it’s fine”, you be you.

In this past year, I have really learned how to love myself for myself. And it’s hard but it’s the best feeling to assure someone that you are a 10 out of 10 every single day when they try their hardest to tear you down. To make you become a lesser you.

Love yourself…

Accept yourself…

Because you’re beautiful and the world needs more people like you!

See you soon,