So I’m Starting a Blog…

So I’m starting a blog… I’ve only been talking about it for like ever. Pretty sure you can ask any one of my friends and my mom how many times I’ve said I wanted to start a blog but had no freaking idea what in the world I wanted to talk about. That, and I like to think I’m a situational hypochondriac!

I started to write in a journal this past year to get feelings out and all that jazzz. Suddenly I realized that it was exactly what I needed to be writing on my blog. Even though I’m more than terrified that everyone will hate it and slide poop emojis into my dm’s, I couldn’t help but think why not give it a try. Plus “My fearless Journey’s” author was sending me encouraging texts out the wahzooo. I finally told her I’d start the next day.

Another one of my reasons for being so nervous was that I wanted my blog to be perfect and successful. I wanted something that was everything. Something people wanted to read. Something relatable. Something that’s honest, sad, happy, funny, and a little bit inappropriate because that’s my life. And my life is great, so whatever I write should be great too (hair flip)!!

I take life day by day making some of the best and worst decisions a person could make. And as many days as I might feel alone or like I’m the only one picking my nose in the back of the library… I know that as soon as I pull out a book on the shelf the person on the other side will be picking their nose too. So I guess my idea here is you’re never alone, everyone might have their own story but no matter what decision you make.. in the end “it’s fine”!!

See you soon,