Not too long ago I went through a really rough time in my life. Both my grandparent passed, I was given a baby brother, My heart was broken, and I completely lost who I was. Without a doubt today, I get up with so much strength and knowledge of who I am and where I am going. Although I have conquered this journey, it has come to my attention that my friend’s are all starting one of their own.

In the end, I can’t give enough thanks to my gal pals because they are the people who keep me going. Every day is a fantastic day when I am laughing with them. So thanks…

Tahni: I don’t think there are words that describe how much I love and care about you and how willing I would be to jump in from of a bus for you. Who cares about boys because I’d be just fine with marrying you, adopting kids, and spending the rest of our lives together (no weirdness intended). No time is enough time with you… You are such a strong person and I applaud the woman you are becoming and the jumps you are beginning to take for yourself. The connection we have is as if we were born a minute apart in the same room! Ugh, I could never have asked for a better sister from another mister than you…

Mercy: For a very long time you were that gay girl down the hall that I sort of knew. Then you became the only girl I knew in Visuals. Then you became the only girl I knew in branding. And then you became my best friend. You were the friend I never knew I needed. More mindful and heart filled than any person I have ever met. You see the beauty in a tumbleweed and love every person at first sight. Even though I know that if a hobo stole my money you’d make an excuse as of why he’s “a good person”… I still love you. You are the loudest sunshine of my day and the thought of ever losing you kills me.

Leanne: Bro, I don’t even know where you came from. We basically became best friends at first sight. Literally, the first time we texted, you told me your life story and it took off from there. I would die without your smile and assurance that boobs really are life! I would die for you and I know you would for me.

India: Even though you get on my damn nerves. And you never clean off the coffee table I love you to freaking death and our friendship will die with us! You are the blacker half of me and the person who taught me how to twerk when it wasn’t even a fad anymore. You were there for me when I spent months in my room crying. And got a yoga pass with me when it was time for me to pick my head up. Ugh, I love you more than life, thanks for always being you.

My Little Kelly: OMG, talk about love at first sight. You too were there for me when I was a b-word from hell who never stopped crying, never came out of her room, and was mean to everyone because everything in my life was going wrong. As much as your boy craziness drives me crazy, you were the one who told me how hot I was when I felt like a dumpster every single day. I love you the most for helping me give myself self-worth, love, happiness, energy, and passion. You are so beautiful inside and out, don’t ever change.

Lindsey: Although we aren’t very close, we are still close enough to lay in our underwear together. I know I can count on you for anything. You were there for girls nights every Thursday for months to keep me from crying 24 hours a day. I love you to death and I would do anything for you.

Abby: Friendship can really last for years. After not talking to you for like a year you answered the phone and listened to me ball for an hour and a half over something that I now know was not worth it. Thanks for helping me break the bad habit that I was so infatuated with for years. You let me know that the Raquel you knew years ago would never do this and that I deserved so much better. I love you to the moon and back. Forever and always two peas in a pod(:

Heather Rae: I watched you go through heartbreak many of times and never understood until  I was there. You reminded me that some time ago no-one loved me more than I loved me and that I needed to get back to that place. Under appreciated, mistreated, and Unwanted. Thanks for always being there, being my best friend, loving me in all of my weirdness, and raising me to be such a fantastic woman. I love you.

Obviously, I can’t mention every single person who has helped me become the person I have become today. but these are a few. I love these women to death. My bridesmaids, my sisters, my friends, my mom! I hope these friendships never die.

See you soon,