Put a Cork In It

I tend to be one of those people who bottles everything up.

The good things,

the bad things,

and the things in between.

A bottle of champagne… pretty, bright, and shining on the outside, with a whole bunch of chaos happening on the in.

I use a cork to keep from spilling all over the people around me and sometimes even on myself; because when the cork pops off I don’t really know how to feel.

I feel sad and angry. At my Parents, at my Friends, at my Teachers, at my Enemies, at people who don’t even matter, and at myself. I cry. A lot.

And because I’ve put a cork in it for so long I feel as if these emotions are happening for no reason.

But it’s for all the reasons.

Randomly, It starts seeping out, a little at a time. (Last week I cried because a guy on Master Chef made an awesome pie, this is no joke!) And that’s when I know that an explosion is coming.

All the times I held my tongue. All the times I wanted to text back and didn’t. All the times I wanted the last word. All the times I said yes when I wanted to say no. All the times I did it for someone else. All the times I didn’t do it for me. All the times shoulda, woulda, coulda. All of them.

You think you’re a strong person until the cork pops off and all of the champagne has run out.

I’ve decided from now on, I’ll be the empty DIY champagne bottle on Pinterest… pretty, bright, and shining on the outside. But calm, peaceful, and filled with Christmas lights on the in.

Pop goes the bottle, and on go rhinestones.

I hope all you other “Bottlers” decide to do the same!

See you soon,