On the way…

Honestly, I’m not sure how I didn’t lose it on my way here.

The Flight

I usually fly American Airlines because it’s what I’m most familiar with! However, my experience with them keeps getting shittier. One thing I will admit is that they never leave me hanging.

My 7:30 flight out of Columbus was delayed until 830 then 1130 meaning I’d miss my 11 o’clock connection flight in Dallas. I was then switched to a 3:30 flight with Delta and my connection switched to my favorite city…. you guessed it. Fuckking Detroit. (Reference to old blog)

Thanks, mom for making me sit at the airport for 6 hours.

The flight had open bar leaving me to be that annoying passenger turning on the S.O.S light for more wine every 30 minutes for 14 hours.


The first thing I did upon arrival was stopping to get “pocket wifi”. Basically, it’s a data only plan. I figured anyone who I can’t iMessage or reach via social media isn’t worth contacting. Everything was running pretty smoothly UNTIL I realized that China is way ahead on payment methods. Only certain arm’s except MasterCard and the only other way to pay is through an app.

SO! Sorry to the guy who carried my bags all over the airport looking for the right atm. And also thank you, because let’s be honest…. that would never happen in America.

Finally, I got on the metro which was everything I expected it to be. CROWDED AND WILD… but also surprisingly clean! Thank god, Delta delayed my luggage and will be having it delivered to my hostel! I guess there really is a silver lining in every bad situation!

The Noticeable-s

Thus far, I really only have noticed a few things worth mentioning…

  1. Everyone Vapes!
  2. Toilet paper is not on a roll.
  3. Motorcycles have their own lane.
  4. Breakfast sausage does not look like breakfast sausage.

Although this trip is off to a totally rough start… tomorrow is a new day….

See you soon…