No one tells you about Italian Love

Remember when I told you I believe in having multiple soulmates?

I think I found one.

A person whom I loved at first sight but didn’t know it.

The thing about bars and clubs here is that each one has a different vibe and experience. There’s Space, for the nights you can’t remember, YAB, for the great music and passing through, Babylon, for an hour or so and Bamboo for… well, I don’t even know

I’m not saying I have a boyfriend.

Not at all.

But have I found my person five thousand miles from home? Yes.

And what is the one thing my two roommates and I have in common regarding Florence?…

Italian Love.

Well, kind of…

Room mate 1: She got lucky enough to have danced with a guy who’s from Montenegro. He buys her seventy dollar bottles of wine, takes her on dates, and buys her flowers. He’s 24 and has a big peoples job so it’s rare that they go to the clubs with us.

Roommate #2: She met him the first night in Italy and has been by his side ever since. He’s a club promoter and has been known to sleep around. We haven’t witnessed anything but it’s more than often that he pisses her off and she ends up crying at the end of the night. But, all in all, she loves him anyway.

Me: I met him at the club but not in a “drunken, I don’t even know your name” kind of way. I saw him, held out my hand, he grabbed my hand, and there it was. We didn’t even kiss so don’t go getting your head in the gutter thinking it was that type of connection. We talked all night and have done the same every night since. He’s the kind of guy who tries to act like he doesn’t care but in reality… well, you know.

My experience here in Italy and the way it has become home, would not be what it is without him. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone, the things I’ve done, and the person I’ve become.

It’s so funny because when people tell you all the things about study abroad….

No one tells you about Italian love.

See you soon,