New Friends

College has been full of so many things big, medium, and small.The changes are full of happiness, sadness, hunger, and hangovers! Probably since I came out of the womb my mom has said that friends come and go more often than your period. And every word of it is true.

People move on, change, find who they are, and are introduced into a whole new world that might not include you! I wouldn’t change any of the friends that I had/have. They have all taught me a lesson–some good and some bad and some that have left me angry… but none that I regret because when one door closes another opens!


To my new friend…

Thank you. Thank you for coming into my life when I needed a change. When I needed a new outlook. Most of all when I needed someone to be in my corner because someone else had left. Not a replacement, an addition! Our relationship and its story is special in its own way. Where did it begin? I have no idea.

We “clicked.” It was like we had been friends our whole lives. Rolling around on my bedroom floor basically peeing our pants because we couldn’t stop laughing, experiencing our first set of midnight shenanigans together. Broccoli and baked potatoes at midnight is actually not that exciting, but we thought it was because we’re new!

You give me a new outlook, check me when I’m wrong, make me rescue puppies, and remind me how blessed I am to have you. Somehow you have been honest, not afraid to speak your mind and most importantly not afraid to be my friend under any circumstance.

In these past few months, you have watched me go through some of the most life changing experiences, listened to me rant about people you don’t even know, and encouraged me to do what it takes to follow my dreams.

A random forever friend, who is entitled to her title.

Love you Little!,


See you soon,