My Take On: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Oh, did you go on a mission trip?

… worst question ever.

The thing about Haiti is that while it can be incredibly dangerous and is recognized as a “third world country”, it is one of my absolute favorite countries and not just the view from a resort.

When hopping off the plane one of four things will most likely go through your mind…

  1. Everyone is black.
  2. It’s hot as fuck.
  3. Why is everyone staring at me?
  4. Who here speaks English?

*Some say there is a smell but I’ve never had relation to that comment

The facts are. Ninety percent of Haitians are people of color (in my experience) and it’s beautiful. It is indeed HOT AS FUCK! I personally am half black but am extremely fair and so they see me as white… or in other words “Blan”. It was explained to me that it’s possible that some have never seen a light-skinned person in their entire life. So if you too are fair and feel like people are staring… They probably are!

The Vibe

Haitians are loud, extremely confrontational, hilarious, smart, savage, and are witty beyond belief. No matter the person, you will be taken in and taken care of. Everyone is kind, happy, and ready to love you and show you their world.

Their World

Everyone works hard, Everyone plays hard. When it is nighttime the city is dark but so very alive! The streets are filled with people cooking, selling things, listening to music, and enjoying the company of those around! And on Sunday the entire country basically shuts down and you see everyone flocking in their best outfits to church! It’s honestly the cutest thing ever.

The Food

The food is nothing short of AMAZING! Fried plantains are life and be ready to eat a mango like it’s corn on the cob! Oh! and you have to try Griyo because it’s also great almost anywhere! My personal favorite is Paté. I actually could eat it every day for the rest of my life. It’s kind of like a Calzone, fried not baked, with a mysterious center. I know this sounds scary but really you never know what is going to be in the center but I swear each one gets better and better.

The Nightlife

There is an endless amount of hole in the wall bars and clubs. And at the top of the hill, there is an outdoor concert hall/club. It’s honestly a life-changing experience! Everyone is so lit but visually comparable to Rihanna at every concert at an award show ever… sort of just waving back and forth and vibing to the music! And usually there are fireworks… I mean who doesnt love those?


I have never met anyone who is more proud of where they come from than Haitian’s. There is no way to explain the culture without experiencing it on your own… and when I say experience, I mean go in with a completely open mind and drown yourself in it! Because that is the only way you can truly appreciate it.

See you soon…