My Take On: Oahu, Hawaii

If you want picturesque sunsets and a really bad sunburn… This is the place for you.

I personally traveled to Oahu for just two weeks for CheerHawaii USA, an intense cheer camp and leadership conference, two summers in a row and I would go back in a second.

Not only are the locals extremely friendly and humble but the food will rock your socks off with one bite.

(Rice and SPAM are sold at McDonald’s but also a meal is like $10 compared to a measly $4 back home in Ohio)

While this is one place I didn’t get to quite get to experience the nightlife (I know right?) The University of Hawaii Manoa is on this island, aka college students, aka there has to be something going on! Right?

The Weather

Sunblock with a high SPF is seriously mandatory! I’m mixed, (black and white) so I personally seem to tan pretty easily and have never experienced the sunburn that left my family and friends unable to move the next day.


The sheets on my bed made me feel like someone was setting my skin on fire and I could barely move. In addition to the fact that the cute tan I’d been working on was totally gone. *sigh

It also rains every day but not a rainy day depression way… It’s like an “I’m walking past the veggie aisle and am unexpectedly misted by the sprayers”…. It’s actually quite pleasant and leaves a rainbow almost every day.

The Economy

One thing I did notice is that there are A LOT of homeless people. The family I was staying with informed me that apparently, it’s a thing that homeless shelters in much colder locations give away one-way tickets to Hawaii because it’s much easier to be homeless there…. Like what?

You’ll see people sleeping on cardboard boxes on the beaches with all of their belongings and it’s honestly so sad!

The Beaches

The water is clear and the sands are white. Honestly, what more do you need to know!?

All in all, it’s seriously such a beautiful place with beautiful people and a culture unlike any on the mainland. A place that is almost impossible not to miss because to them anyone is ohana and ohana means family.

See you soon…