My Take On: Miami, Florida

Whoever said New York City never sleeps has clearly never been to Miami.
Like most suburbs, Miami’s includes old people retiring, picking oranges, and keeping their yards picturesque all year round. If you’re looking for a quiet vacation time and a short walk to the beach, I suggest Hollywood. However, inside the city it is none.

Miami is a city where Brand Names, Apartment Views,  and the Clubs you go to say everything about who you are and what you come from. Moreso, because 90% of people aren’t even from there.
The culture is honestly amazing as most of those who reside have immigrated from the Caribbean and you’ll find you’re occasional European of course. So what does that say about the food you might ask? IT’S GREAT!
Speaking of the munchies, Marijuana is in much more of a legal state than where I come from so I was shocked to see people drinking Pina Coladas smoking weed on the beach like it was truly no big deal. It’s true, absolutely amazing!
The strip club scene in Miami is BOOMING and the easiest way to spot a celebrity! The most popular clubs are either Caberet’s or have a Cabaret included somewhere inside. Plot twist. THEY ARE OPEN 24 HOURS. You heard me right! When I say Miami doesn’t sleep, I meant it. If you haven’t heard of E11even, and are on your way to Miami, I suggest giving it a looksie, especially if you are like me and the 2:30a closing time comes ways too soon.
Honestly, if you’re looking to meet a variety of mostly successful people who are just living their lives and not giving a fuck while doing it… This is the place for you. As for me, however, I’ll be back!
See you soon…