My Take On: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the type of place that makes you feel glamorous like New York but is still totally down to earth like the good old Mid-West.

So here’s to all my freaks out there.

A five-star city for me is a place where I can do whatever the fuck I want and nobody cares.

People aren’t like “wow, is that lady walking across the street with a Golden Road Pineapple Palisades beer in her hand and slippers on her feet”


“omg, look over there is she peeing in a parking garage while her mom keeps watch for her…”

The Weather

It’s almost like they call it the windy city for a reason. I mean we are not talking like your run of the mill breeze here.

*lip gloss and short skirts are not recommended

The Parking

The cost to drive a car into Chicago and leave it parked in the city is the most ridiculous thing EVER! Not to mention there isn’t much to begin with!

*Shoutout to my mom for paying for that!!

A Temporary Home

Wherever you stay, try to get a room that is as high up as possible because no matter where you are… the city looks beautiful.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie, I stayed in Presidential Towers and it was a pain in the ass and all around so confusing. BUT THE VIEW WAS SICK!

The Food

We all know what we come to Chicago for….(I went on a Buying trip but in second place) PIZZA! Honestly, pizza is my absolute favorite food and I love it but I didn’t get to try very much pizza while I was there!

My internship provided lunch for us and planned these fancy dinners. And then I went out with my mom for drinks after work like adult daughters do I guess.

I would move to Chicago in a heartbeat. I love it that much. So in that case…


See you soon…