My Life Lately

So I haven’t written in 5 months…

I know, you guys are probably thinking “What the fudge?”!

I know I am.

So basically, so much stuff/chaos happened in Florence that I didn’t even have time to update anyone. Not even my Mom!

But don’t worry, I will be using the remainder of the Summer to fill you in on the Love, Laughs, and even the Shit.

Long story short, I completely fell in love with myself and my life in the past 6 months, and I’m not talking vain. It’s not that I didn’t have things to write about, it was that I really felt like my old blog page looked like 100% cow poopy. And how could I write about so much love, on something I hated?! So I took the time and liberty to completely redo and update everything and even add a few things! Slowly but surely, It’s a working progress, I promise!

First of all, I promise to begin blogging regularly, so you will be hearing from me a lot more often!

Secondly, you’ll see that underneath my Lately tab it says “By someone else” this is where I am going to begin posting other’s writings, quotes, and even notes! Just kind of random stuff that I think should be out there. If maybe you’ve thought about blogging or have something you’d love to write about but have no interest in your own blog please send in things!!! You’ll find my contact info on here also!

Third, If you have something you would like me to write about, seriously contact me because I promise I’ll think it’s a great idea!

So in conclusion, the blog is not over! It’s back, it’s better, and I hope you Love it!


See you soon,