My First Luxury

I had a baby! Or…two babies?…a pair of babies?

I am never one to put luxury products and/or brands on my body… Not because I don’t like or appreciate them. (Trust me… A double G Leather Gucci belt is on my list after a trip to Thailand!) Moreso because I truly cannot afford to.

However, most recently, I was gifted a brand new pair of Prada Saffiano Textured Patent Leather Pumps. In the color black of course!

And Oh My God, I was in tears.

While I have only worn them three times outside because I might die if I scuff them, I feel I’ve had time to tell you more about my children.

*Notice I said outside, I’ll let you assume the rest! (Insert laughing emoji here!)

The pumps are carefully and beautifully crafted with a polished crosshatch pattern on the surface instead of the classic polished look.

The heel measures out to be just above 3 inches which totally trumps the comfort of my other 4-6 inch pumps!

The sole and heel are lightly padded which provides a little extra comfort. However, the arch is super stiff and you have to break them in before it stops sounding like you’ve farted with every step!

Overall, the structure and design are both amazing and they seem to be pretty true to size!

The look is both feminine and sophisticated to be worn with casual, business, or dress attire.

Customers have rated nothing but 5 stars on websites like Saks, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

So if you’re asking me… I love them so much I’d like to put them in a glass case but my birthday is the 24th and you will totally catch me in them!

See you soon,


Ps. Comment below with your first Luxury Item!