My Best man-friend

Dear Best Friend,

I secretly hate you and am out to destroy your life. Just kidding…

You were the brother (before I had one), a boyfriend, and best friend all in one.

No one ever will understand the bond we have or the relationship we hold behind closed doors because it is indeed one of a kind.

There are so many things that I sincerely love about not only you but us as a pair. But there is nothing I love more than the look on people’s faces when I try to explain to them what we have.

It’s going on three years ago that I saw your face and completely fell in love. But not the kind of love that you feel for a boyfriend, it was like pure infatuation. And soon after that, I saw myself spending endless nights, mornings, breakfasts, dinners, lunches, and all-nighters with you. And after all this time you’ve still never heard me fart…

I have so much to thank you for and yet half of it made me cry at one point.

Thanks for telling me I got fat. Gaining the freshman thirty was not in my favor and you were the first person I texted when I lost it.

Thank you for telling me that I’m perfect. I know you don’t use the word loosely and I feel privileged that you took the time in your day to let me know.

Thank you for never coming over when I’m balling my eyes out or am in a terrible mood. Both times where I look not so perfect.

Thanks for telling me that I look beautiful even with morning breath. That takes a lot.

Thank you for always lying in bed with me and stealing all my pillows even though you absolutely hate my heated blanket.

Thank you for never getting mad at me when your friends walk by and stare at me the entire time. Sorry. ps. thanks for always saying don’t worry about it when people ask who I am. My dm’s stay peaceful because of you.

Thanks for always putting up with me trying to pick your nose. I will get a booger one day.

Thank you for being the huge teddy bear that you are and only letting me know about it. Your hugs rock my socks off.

Thanks for always reminding me how fortunate I am to have the things I do by telling me I’m spoiled. You’ve taught me to be more grateful.

Thanks for reminding me that a person can never have too many shoes and that diamonds can never be too big.

Thanks for having the most beautiful top lip I have ever seen in the history of lips…

And thank you for loving and caring about me in all of my weirdness.

I love you and hate you the most. You get on my nerves yet never seem to fail me or let me down. As many times as I’ve thought our friendship was over… It still stands strong. My biggest thanks of all, is for you just being you. I don’t know what my college experience would be without your cute face. Kiss kiss.

See you soon,