My best friends bad day

Think of your very best friend….

Even if you have eight best friends there is always one that you are closest with… Ride or Die!

Some people have known theirs for their entire life, but mine I just met last year.

Love at first party!

I have realized that all the close friends I do have I have made at random. Because my “specialty” is being able to talk to anyone about anything on demand. It makes for really great background stories!

I’m known as the painfully honest friend. It’s not that I’m trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but I believe that all of my friends are good enough to deserve the whole hearted truth. And when I met my best friend she believed the same and quickly but surely we became one.

Her food was mine, her toaster was mine, her printer was mine, her spring vacation was mine, her father too became like a dad of my own. My closet was hers, my shoes…not so much, my hair products, my makeup, everything was hers as hers was mine. So much so that my bad day was my best friends bad day as hers was mine.

When you finally meet this person… you go through a “cupcake phase”. This is the part you have to make it past to know it’s true love just like any other relationship. Wanting to spend every waking moment together and making people truly believe you come as a package. And knowing that the weirdest thing you think about yourself is actually not so weird.

Then you separate… I almost cried because I thought it was all over as I had never had a friend like her. She assured me she wasn’t going anywhere and that this truly was a BFFL type of relationship.

As time moves along we talk often but not every day. And yet I still know that she is meant to be my soulmate, my person, and my sister. I truly believe that everyone on this earth has a soul waiting for them and if you haven’t been as lucky as I am to meet yours…. “it’s fine” because I’m sure the time is just around the corner!

See you soon,


P.S. Love you Tee<3