While in a relationship…

(When I say relationship, it can be between friends, family, boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever…)

One of the two always care more, cry more, love more, angry more…

It’s just the way things work.

Relationships regarding significant others happen to be the best example in my opinion.

Maybe it’s because when I was crying every day for the significant amount of time that I was, I was almost positive that the other person did not feel the same way… and was most certainly not crying even close to the amount I was…

If I saved my tears I probably could have bathed in them a number of times…

Honestly, it was probably even enough for a torrential downpour in the Tropical Rainforest.

The main point here is that there were a lot of tears!

Because I was sad, more.

But after all of the tears, I much rather would be the one, more, than the one, none.

As I lay here in tears from an overwhelming day, I realize that these tears don’t make me a wimp, they don’t mean I’m weak, but they do mean something.

I, myself, am more.

More of a person today than I was yesterday.

And happy tears because the tears I cry tomorrow will make me more than I was today.

Every time you feel, know that it’s more than at least one person on this damn planet.

And you are more because of it.

See you soon,