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Me, Me, Me

What’s Up!? My name is Raquel Wingard, aka Rocky, aka Bella, aka basically everywhere I go, I receive a nickname. I attend Kent State University as a Fashion Merchandising major with a Fashion Media minor and I’m only stating this because I feel like I have to!

Anyway, what is the purpose of this blog?… Although I love Fashion and the entire empire of an industry it has become, I also love writing about all the bullshit situations I go through in life. Even moreso, to help you realize you aren’t alone when you go through the same thing a week later.

When reading my blog you’ll see that I beleive laughing really is the best medicine, there is always enough love to go around, and life can sometimes be like stepping in poop over and over again.

    But besides that, I’m just anther twenty-two-year-old girl casually traveling the world, doing dumb things, and struggling to find my way through life as I know it.