Raquel. Rocky. Bella.


 I fucking love my life and wouldn’t change even the smallest detail!

The “Details”:

I attend Kent State University Full-Time, work Full-Time, and casually travel the world in between.

This crazy unsettling thing called life has caused me to become obsessed with… well, life itself.

So, welcome to my beautifully imperfectly crafted world filled with chaos.

While my daily interests vary extensively, I have invested my whole heart into…

Love. Life. Wanderlust. & Fashion.

Not just any love, but love that consumes you and redefines EVERYTHING!

Not just any life, but a life that leaves you with no regrets…EVER!

Not the kind Wanderlust that inspires Instagram, but a global experience that changes your soul!

And I’m not talking about being a brand whore, I’m talking about exploring designers that make you redefine what it means to get dressed!

TWO TRUTHS…I do this:



Am I an expert?

I am an expert at being me and never allowing anyone to define what’s possible.

I’ve realized life is not about the quest for consumption. However, it’s about consuming every ounce of every opportunity, especially the ones you didn’t know were coming.

I’ve learned to see beauty in the things other people ignore and/or deem inappropriate and to ignore the things the others celebrate in order to truly see the value in every experience.

I know exactly what I want to do, and have no idea what I’m doing all at the same time and I wear the hell out of both.

So take this ride with me, as I figure this shit out, and simultaneously build the life I know I deserve even on the days the haters tell me I don’t!