Who is Yuli Ziv?

Yuli Ziv is an author, influencer, and one of the top leading women inspiring those in the Fashion & Lifestyle business to do one simple thing, Blog!

She defines a blog as a long-time commitment platform used to brand yourself and display your values.

This being said, my blog is nothing short. While it does not display personal values, it rather displays what topics are valuable in my daily life!

Name and Audience

The name of my blog is Rockkyyy. It is somewhat metaphoric because my nickname is Rocky, which aligns with the somewhat extreme rockiness of my life!

This blog pertains to those who are looking for the ultimate experience! We have so many lifestyle, fashion, travel, and love advice bloggers who color inside the lines. They rate and describe and just bore you to death with details of service, establishment, and what you might need in said location. But who gives you the dirty details? I mean who tells you about their raw experience?

That’s where I come in!

I’ll tell you if it’s a bar worth getting drunk at, the best place in the city to people watch, or if a cafe is too loud for studying. I’ll tell my story in whole hoping that it will encourage you to not follow my footsteps but have a crazy experience of your own.

Demographic Need Examples: Conde Nast, Backpacker Magazine, Dan Flying Solo

While these bloggers and sites are AMAZING references. We seek an audience expecting a completely different type of experience!

The Mission

My mission statement is displayed on my front page and I feel it explains my blog in its entirety. It’s merely about me living life, making mistakes, falling in love, traveling the world, and dressing to the nines!

It reads: “Take a ride with me, as I figure this shit out, and simultaneously build the life I know I deserve even on the days I tell myself I don’t!”

Ultimately, when you find yourself driving on the same bumpy road I’ve been down. I hope this blog inspires you to find your way!


See you soon…