Italy: Day 1

So day one got a little bit out of hand, but what can I say?

After arriving in Florence, from the airport, I was taxied to my apartment. My apartment lives in the center of Florence where no cars are legally allowed to drive, but I’m slowly learning that these Italians are crazy.

Outside is a leather market, that I have to admit is super annoying because No I don’t want to buy a leather jacket today, and yes I already know I’m attractive!

Anyhow! Somehow God knew I needed a workout because I reside 6 flights up. Like are you freaking kidding? Later I realized the more flights, the better the view.

I got to my room and did not unpack one item. I slept, and I slept hard!

When I woke up, all my roommates could talk about was going out. If you know me, I was fine with eating and going back to bed. They had met a few club promoters (no seriously it’s a person’s job to promote clubs to students who study abroad a.k.a paid to party!) through friends that had studied here previously.

Long story short, I got drug out.

We went to a bar called Reverse where student’s of all types were studying abroad just like us. One of the kids had met Tommy Hilfiger through the promoter so it was obvious that I had gotten in with the good crowd. We were stamped with a backward R on our hand which symbolized VIP. Trays of shots were being handed to us at the bar as if we were queens. I did not pay for a single drink; which by any means is fine with me.

We switched to another club that I cannot remember the name of! I just remember it being like a movie; Red rope to get in and a bodyguard who validated our stamps. Once inside I was so fascinated beyond belief. People were dancing and drinking and falling in love, it was…..(I’m leaving that blank because no word describes it) It was if you could do anything and it would be okay, Including make-out with a random, there seemed to be tons of that going on!

Right when I thought the night was too perfect, I saw my mother in myself. I had bought one drink (Sex on the Beach), the entire night and some guy slapped it out of my hand, then proceeded to tell me it wasn’t his fault and refused to buy me another. Let’s just say I was very angry and he got his.

The night ended with me having to carry my roommate up the stairs. While the other had already been walked home. She was nuts and I was exhausted.

My conclusion: This is the most disgustingly magical place, and I love it.


See you soon,