It Happened!

Sometimes you fall completely head over heels for something and then realize that it isn’t good for you…

It’s like those people who love ice cream and yogurt but are lactose intolerant, not a good mix!

So in my case, it took years to realize that this particular thing wasn’t for me. And I’m okay with that because I learned a lot along the way. And if it weren’t for this thing. I never would have become the person I am!

I learned that you grow. Alone, Together, and Apart.

I learned that some people really are in it for the long haul and some are just here to make a mark.

I learned that life hurts and you will hit rock bottom but you gotta grab your life boat and swim like hell.

I learned that distance is hard and defines relationships. Friends, family, and significant others.

I learned that you have to love yourself more than anyone else.

I learned that putting a fake smile on doesn’t help the fact that you’re really sad inside.

I learned that it isn’t normal to argue over everything with everyone until you hate the world.

I learned that non-negotiables help define who you are and what you want.

I learned that people take advantage.

I learned that some people never change.

I learned that sometimes the people you love the most are the people you need to stay the farthest away from.

I learned that sometimes you have to walk away, it hurts, and it’s fine.

Life is about learning lessons… each lesson is like a puzzle piece of the person you are when you take your last breath on earth.

And as sad as I should be right now because it’s over, I have the biggest smile because IT HAPPENED!

See you soon,