How I Lost Weight

So if you know me and have seen me recently, you’d know that I lost a casual thirty-five pounds.

And if you’ve noticed, you’ve probably asked me how I lost it

And if you asked me how I lost it, I probably said I fell in love.

So, if you know me and have seen me recently, you probably know I studied in Italy last semester.

And if we talked about Italy I probably mentioned that I met SOMEONE.

What I really meant was that my experience studying abroad literally completely changed me as a person.

Not in a way that I am a completely different person, but in a way that I have never been truer to who I am, in my life.

I met a boy…a man, who told me I was beautiful every single morning, and that I deserve the world and more.

He pointed out when people did me wrong and reminded me how I should be treated.

He taught me how to eliminate toxic people in my life and what good company actually means.

He was the sun on some of my rainiest days but never failed to make me realize that I am the only sun I need.

While in Italy, I met my soulmates…

the people who will forever laugh at my bad jokes, laugh when I leave the club looking like I just stepped in charcoal, and laugh over my motherly tendencies.

the people who will cry when I leave but know I will be back

the people who scream every time they see me as if they’ve just won the lottery, because to them… that’s what I am…

In less than six short months, these people, one by one, shed a pound from my body.

I genuinely believe that each tear shed while laughing my fucking ass off with these people is equal to one pound I gained stress eating during my non-ill and non-advised bed riddance.

So, while many judged me for dropping everything in my life to come here for a week…

What they fail to understand is that this is my happy place…

My place to laugh

My place to love

My place for peace

But most importantly…

It’s my place to just be me.


See you soon,