Field trip #1: Siena

Siena was something out of a movie and the perfect way to spend a day crying that I had to get up at 6 am.

Pretty sure the last time I was required to wake up that early, was for a grade was in high school.

We began the day hopping on a bus, which sucked because I hate busses.

First of all, the girl sitting right in front of me asked for a trash can because she’s getting car sick. Mind you, she had sea bands on each wrist. If you know me I completely freaked out, closed my eyes, plugged my ears, and started humming. I know what you’re thinking…. how is it all possible at once? I’m an awesome multitasker (I’m sure my mom would tell you all differently).

Also, when I was in Hawaii the bus driver yakked all over the windshield. We had to pull over so he could wipe it up. Long story short, I was scarred and will never sit in the first row again.

Anyway, she didn’t yak. But I was already pissed because the only place to get McDonald’s breakfast here is at the train station and I didn’t have time because I was literally dying!!

As I hopped off the struggle bus, we walked to a famous coffee shop. (Nannini) We were told this story about these cakes that were made without sugar, of course, I was like “ugh I guess I’ll try it”. Plot twist: it was the most delicious thing that has ever blessed my tongue! It’s called a Riccitelli cake. It was light as air and dusted with powdered sugar. I dream of being buried in them. I also tried an espresso. Let’s just say they aren’t for me!

Next, we walked into an art museum. I’m pretty quick with them usually but I had taken Art History my freshman year and had learned all the unique stories of these exact works. Dissecting them and studying every detail; how I longed to be the person to raise their hand when asked, “who has ever seen these in person?”.

We walked up 5.7 million stairs. Again, thank you, God. Not realizing this was a castle of some sort. Walking, walking, walking, stepping, stepping. Then BAM! You might think I got hit by a bus or plane, that would make a much more interesting story… sorry but no. However, I might as well have because the view was more than breathtaking. (The above photo was taken by yours truly)

After we proceeded to a vineyard/restaurant/farm. To be honest the food wasn’t that awesome but whatever. We had, of course, learned the background of the vineyard. All of the food the restaurant had served us had been grown and made right there on the farm, using no outside resources. It was very beautiful but I hate al dente style pasta and we didn’t even get wine.

I’m sure by this time I’ve started to sound like an alcoholic. I promise I’m not. Just an American girl forced to hang like an Italian. And honestly, I’m not sure I can keep up, but I sure as hell will try!


See you soon,