F // O // M // O

I have fomo.

Fear. Of. Missing. Out.

I feel like it’s not just your average fomo.

I don’t care about missing parties, bar crawls, or getting sloshed on Saturday nights.

I care about being excluded from friendships, relationships, and well it’s basically a fear of being unwanted.


I constantly try to convince myself that it’s normal and that everyone has a time where they feel this way. But it’s hard…

Feeling like your best friend would rather be friends with someone else. Feeling like your significant other might be in love with your best friend. Feeling like you might be the least favorite child. Whatever it may be…

Waking up and feeling like “shit, my life sucks” is a once a month thing where I have to literally convince myself that I am imagining it all.

And those days suck donkey balls.

But I do it.

I suck it up.

My friends are who they are in my life because God put them there. And if they don’t turn out to be my best friends later down the road then so be it. My significant others are going to love who they love, whether it be me or the next girl in line. Everything happens for a reason. And if I’m not the favorite child, who cares. I’m my own favorite.

And that’s what I have to realize.

I’m my own Best friend, Significant Other, and Favorite Person in the entire world!

Even if all the worst came true. Loving me more than anyone else is the best I can do!

See you soon,