Italy: Day 1

So day one got a little bit out of hand, but what can I say?

After arriving in Florence, from the airport, I was taxied to my apartment. My apartment lives in the center of Florence where no cars are legally allowed to drive, but I’m slowly learning that these Italians¬†are crazy.

Outside is a leather market, that I have to admit is super annoying because No I don’t want to buy a leather jacket today, and yes I already know I’m attractive!

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Stuck in Detroit

This post is going to be a rant so¬†hopefully, you enjoy my annoying humor… feat two girls I met at the Columbus Airport.

First off, I hate Michigan and I am never coming back. I actually wish my plane would have crashed so that I didn’t have to suffer through this. Even though those yellow string cups scare me more than snakes in toilets, I would rather have seen those than the inside of this hotel room.

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