Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them

Sitting in pure silence jamming to Miley Cyrus

Random, I know!

The old Miley with good meaningful lyrics, not balls to the wall, teddy bear leotard, twerking Miley.

Seven Things” comes on and all I can think is that there are always seven things I hate about you. Even boys know boys suck and that they have cooties. Do men like Noah, from The Notebook, even exist? Pretty sure I deserved 365 letters a long time ago…

The seven things I hate about you.

You’re vain

Your games

You’re insecure

You love me, you like her

You make me laugh, you make me cry

Your friends are jerks

You make me love you

I don’t think I could be any deeper in thought as I am about this song. Even the best power couples in the world have something they hate about each other. For example, Jay-Z is probably that guy who keeps one eye open to watch TV while making out with Beyonce. And John Legend most likely has morning breath that burns Chrissy’s eyelashes off every morning.

Anyhow, no matter what repulsive thing a guy does, he also does that one thing that makes you completely fall head over heels. You bear with it and make out with him anyway or buy fake eyelashes because, in the end, the morning breath is worth it.

Every time I attempt to make the decision to cut boys out of my life (as every girl does) the new “perfect”, “forever and always” comes along. And yet again I am dealing with the hassle of boys.

But as a twenty year old in her second year of college I have finally realized that sleepovers, three-hour phone calls, arguing like a married couple when you aren’t even dating, staying up until 4 am when you have an 8 am class, getting jealous, cuddling it out and doing it over and over again is just a part of life, a very necessary part of life. You can’t live with them and can’t live without them. And honestly “it’s fine” because it was good while it lasted!


See you soon,